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Believe It, Pursue It

Hi, I'm Arlene Cohen and I'm so glad you stopped by.

I'm a passionate motivational speaker and personal development coach. I'm here to help you notice, take action, and conquer your fears or limitations so you can live authentically as your truest self.


I work one-on-one, in group settings, and with organizations to amplify your authenticity and empower you to become a better version of YOURSELF.


Now...Take a deep breath, reclaim your energy, embrace your failures, unearth all of your passions, and learn how to shine bright.

Together, we will create magic.

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Getting started is easy...

Just follow the simple steps below.

1. Book your free discovery call with me.

2. We will discuss and clarify what you would love to get out of working together. I'm also here to help answer any questions you may have before our future sessions begin.

3. You will learn productive tools and mechanisms on how to be the hero of your own life, start your new journey, develop a healthy lifestyle, and celerbate all your successes!

4. Start taking actionable steps and gain control of your life again!

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As a Transformational Life Coaching professional and speaker, Arlene Cohen aims to deliver education, motivation, and inspiration to a variety of audiences. She guides and empowers her clients to identify their goals, overcome obstacles, and achieve personal growth & fulfillment.


Arlene's coaching style is marked by empathy, active listening, and a deep commitment to helping individuals unlock their true potential and live their best lives.


Are you ready to make a change in your life? Book a service consultation today.

Signature Topics

Mind / Body Connection


Learn how to build a meaningful connection between your mind & your body.


Image by Jared Rice

Find your inner peace and how learn how to read your own body's unique language.

Wellness & Self-Care

Image by Darius Bashar

Nourish, recharge, improve and prioritize things your every day life.

Increased Performance

Image by Kyle Glenn

Organize, plan, and prioritize your goals. Let's discuss ways on how to improve your work and/or personal daily life performance.

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Image by Gian Cescon

Embrace who YOU really are. Explore yourself in ways you never thought you could.

Prioritizing Mental Health

Image by Helena Lopes

This is essential to your overall well-being. My step-by-step guides are transformative and personalized just for YOU.

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